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Climbing Towers Playground - Parts

SKU: 401A

Hardware- Instructions, Screws (C-9), Capnuts (J-8), bushings (L-9), Washers (Q-9), Bushings (R-9), Bushings (M-4), Bolt Covers (P-9), Brace (K), Axle (G-2) and Axle (H-2)
SKU: 81401A000
Anchor Kit - Contains 4 Anchors, 4 Vinyl Coated Cables and 5 Cable Clips
SKU: 814144600
Bubble Window with 4 Screws & Washers
SKU: 343492000B
$39.99 - Out of Stock

The Bubble Window is compatible with any version of the Little Tikes Playground or Climbing Towers Playground.

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