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Clubhouse™ Swingset - Parts

SKU: 612398

72" Metal Tube Red
SKU: 522002200
27" Metal Tube Red
SKU: 522002700
Cargo Rope (V)
SKU: 683330000
Hardware Pack: Hub Cover (G), Hub Pin (F), Steering Wheel Insert (E), Screw 2.5" (K), Screw 3.25" (Y), Bolt Cover Blue (X) and Instructions
SKU: 81400v000
Hardware Pack: Bolt (M-2), Eyebolt (I), Rivet (J-2), Bolt (C), Eyebolt (N), Bolt (P), Washer (R-6), Nut (F-11), Washer (D-11), Pivot Bolt (H-4) and Blue Bolt Covers (9)
SKU: 81400V200
Anchor Kit - Contains 4 Anchors, 4 Vinyl Coated Cables and 5 Cable Clips
SKU: 814144600

The replacement parts that are available are compatible with both the 612398 and 400V models.


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