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Princess Cozy Coupe® 30th Anniversary Edition - Parts

SKU: 614798

Floorboard Black (D)
SKU: 320030700
Wheel with Lavender Capnut and Capnut Tool
SKU: 378880000C
Hardware Pack: Hubcaps, Gas Cap, Wireforms (Left & Right), Axle, Key, Decals, Screws, Washers, Bushings, Axle Caps, Spacer, O-Ring, Center Caps, Steering Wheel Clip, Eyes, Ignition, Ignition Base, Fastener Buttons, Headlights, Taillights, Axle Cap Tool, Latch, Pink Fasteners and Instruction Sheet
SKU: xhw614798-30
Steering Wheel with Retaining Clip and O-Ring
SKU: xac614798-30B
Gas Cap
SKU: xac612060-5
Key Lavender
SKU: 380990100
SKU: 612500000

If you have a 30th Anniversary Cozy Coupe manufactured before 2008 the floor board for this unit is not compatiable with your unit.        

If you have a Cozy Coupe manufactured between 2009-2015 these wheels will fit your unit

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