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Deluxe Ride & Relax® Wagon with Umbrella - Parts

SKU: 618031

SKU: XHW618031-2
SKU: XHW618031-1
9" Diameter Wheel with 7/16" Capnut, Capnut Tool, Washer and Hubcap
SKU: 378780000B
Hardware Pack: Drain Plug, Hubcaps, Left & Right Hinge, Cup Holders, Hinges for Lids & Pivot Posts
SKU: XHW600913-2
$22.99 - Out of Stock
Hardware Pack: Cooler Fasteners, Umbrella Holder, Umbrella Fasteners, Small Cap Nut Tool, Medium Cap Nut Tool, Handle Axle, Rear Axle, Left & Right Wireform, Decals, Instructions, Seat Belt, Acorn Nut, Small Axle Caps, Large Retaining Washers, Screws, Bushings, Medium Axle Caps, Washers, Wireform Bushings & Bolt Covers
SKU: XHW618031-4
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