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Cozy Truck™ - Parts

SKU: 620744

Floorboard Black (D) Cow Buttons (E)
SKU: 320030710B
$6.99 - Out of Stock
Steering Wheel (N) with Retaining Clip (X) and O-Ring (Y)
SKU: 360200000B
$6.99 - Out of Stock
Wheel with Tophat and Tophat Tool Only
SKU: 370200000B
Grill Silver
SKU: 380181200
$6.99 - Out of Stock
Gas Cap
SKU: XAC612060-5
$2.99 - Out of Stock
SKU: 612483004
Hardware Pack: Wireform Left and Right, Rear Axle, Logo, Red Latch, Steering Wheel Retaining Clip, Fastener Buttons Black, Wireform Cover Right/Left Blue, Centercaps Black, Instructions, Screw (EE), Screw (DD), Screw (FF), Washer (CC), Tophat, Bushing (U) & (T), Steering Wheel O-Ring, Eyes, Tophat Tool, Decal Sheet, Horn Assembly and Hubcaps Silver
SKU: XHW620744-10
Horn Sound Module (P)
SKU: XAC620744
Hardware Pack: Wireform (R), Wireform (L), Tophat (4), Tophat Tool, Washer (4), Bushings (4)
SKU: 513462000B
$24.99 - Out of Stock
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