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Little Tikes 7' Trampoline - Parts

SKU: 622311

Hardware Pack: Bolt (L-6), Self Locking Screw (M-6), Cap Nut (N-6), Arc Washer (O-12), Spring Washer (P-6), Wrench (Q-1) and Spring Loading Tool with Allen Wrench and Screw Driver (S-1)
SKU: xhw622311-1
1 Galvanized Spring
SKU: 242506101
Trampoline Mat (A) (Includes Spring Covering)
SKU: 683180001
Vertical Orange Plastic Leg (D) (Sold Individually 6 on Unit)
SKU: 590141002
Horizontal Plastic Leg (C) (Sold Individually 3 on Unit)
SKU: 590141001
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