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Cook 'n Grow™ Kitchen - Parts

SKU: 626012

Hardware Pack: Faucet, Phone, Cups, Skillet, Hot Dog, Bun, 2Red Coffee Cups, 2 Silver Cups, Hamburger, Bun, 2 Forks, 2 Spoons, 2 Knifes, 2 Plates , Faucet Assembly, Coffee Pot Assembly, Burner Grate, Phone Clip, Phone Assembly
SKU: XHW626012-8
$28.99 - Out of Stock
Hardware Pack: Instruction Sheet 1&2, Decal Sheet, Knobs, Screw (N), Screw (M)
SKU: XHW626012-6
Hardware Pack: Electronic Module,Pot,Lid,Shapes
SKU: XHW626012-2
Mi9 Retail