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Anchors Away Pirate Ship™ - Parts

SKU: 628566

Hardware Pack: Figures, Plank (C), Bucket (D), Water Spinner (E) & (Q), Anchor (G), Small Cups (K), Cannon Assembly(L) & (M), Slide (P), Steering Wheel Deck Assembly (R) & (S), Screws (T) Colors may vary
SKU: XHW628566-1
Hardware Pack: Manual Pump, Large Flag and Small Flag
SKU: XHW628566-3
$25.00 - Out of Stock
Hardware Pack:Instructions, Screws U-5, V-2 & Drain Plug
SKU: XHW628566-2

The Manual Pump is compatible with 628566 and 615924 models. 

Colors may vary on some parts.

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