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Deluxe Home & Garden Playhouse - Parts

SKU: 630170

Drain Plug
SKU: 329990000
Hardware Pack: Mailbox Flag (Q), Mailbox (R), Mailbox Door (S), Funnel (Y), 2- 3/4" Screw (DD-2), 1-1/2" Screw (GG-16), 1" Screw (HH-16), 5/8" Screw (KK-1), 1" Screw (II-4) 2- 1/2" Screw (EE-4), 2" Screw (FF-20), Mailbox Base (P), Water Base-Spinner Base (X)
SKU: XHW484056
Hardware Pack: Small Bolt Cover (LL-12), Plastic Screw (N-6),Hammer, Nail (6), Screwdriver, Faucet (Z), Decal Sheet, Instructions, 1" Screw
SKU: XHW484056-1
Hardware Pack: Fence Pickets(L-1), Fence Rails (M-3), Nail Plate (F-1), Door Hinge(I)
SKU: XHW484056-2
$21.99 - Out of Stock
Hardware Pack: Phone, Clicker Knob (AA-2), Fill Cup, Drain Plug, Water Spinner (BB)
SKU: XHW630170
$14.99 - Out of Stock
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