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Cook 'n Learn Smart Kitchen™ - Parts

SKU: 641183

Hardware pack:Towel Bar, Tongs, Fork (2), Spoon (2), Knife(2), Tall Cup(2), Plate(2), Spice Jar(2), Basket Clip, Pot Lid, Salt and Pepper, Hamburger Bun
SKU: XHW641183
$22.99 - Out of Stock
Apple Jar, Tomato Jar, Utensil Cup (2), Hanging Hooks (2), Corn, Carrot, Broccoli, Planter Jar Hook (2), Frying Pan, Pot, Chopping Knife, Spatula, Hamburger Meat, Pizza, Apple Pie, Cheese Triangle, Egg
SKU: XHW641183-2
Oven Hood, Front Basket, Front Basket Dirt, Utensil Hook (2), Clicker Knob, Clicker Knob Top, Clicker Knob Bottom, Fastener (Q), Washer (R), Screw #10-12 x 1.5 (21), Screw #10 - 12 x 0.5 (8)
SKU: XHW641183-4
Instructions, Decals
SKU: XHW641183-5
Hardware Pack: Electronic Module, Magnet Holder, Faucet & Oven Light
SKU: XHW641183-6
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