D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe® - Parts

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HARDWARE PACK ART SUPPLY:Bottles of Paint (4), Markers (8), Paintbrushes (2), Tips Sheet (1)
SKU: XHW652950
Hardware Pack Complete: Gas Cap, Screws (4), Bushing (T-6), Washer (S-6), O-Ring (G-1), HubCap (P-4), TopHat Tool, Wireform (R&L),Horn Bellows (H3-1), Retaining Clip (E), Fastener Silver (2), Center Cap Red (Q-4), Fatener Red (2), Capnut Red (W-3), TopHat
SKU: XHW652950-1
Gas Cap
Gas Cap
SKU: XAC612060-5
Decal Sheet
Decal Sheet
SKU: 612642302
Floorboard Black (D) Cow Buttons (E)
Floorboard Black (D) Cow Buttons (E)
SKU: 320030710B
Blue Key and Ignition Base
SKU: 345950500B
Wheel with Capnut and Capnut Tool
SKU: 3764C0000B