4 Fun Backyard Games to Play with Your Kids This Summer


How do you entertain the kiddos on a hot summer day? The simple answer - gather a few props and enjoy a day of fun in the sun with some backyard games that are sure to please the entire family. Not sure of what kind of games to play? We’ve got you covered.

Tic-Tac-Toe in the Grass

This traditional game becomes an oversized version when played outdoors in the grass. Take duct tape or twisted towels and make a large grid on the ground. Use brightly colored socks and stuff them with dried beans or rice as playing pieces.


Choose two colors that will show up nicely in the grass - say hot pink and turquoise – and knot the ends securely to keep the stuff inside. You will need ten playing pieces, five of each color. Have the kids toss these homemade playing pieces into the squares, trying for three in a row - down, across or diagonal.

Jumbo Feet Stomp

Young children love playing this fun stomping game. Cut out three giant footprints (for each child) from colored poster board. Begin by tossing two of the feet next to each other and have your child jump on them. Next, your child tosses the extra footprint a few inches ahead and takes a leap with one foot onto it. He then reaches back and grabs the previous foot and tosses it forward again. Make it more of a challenge by creating a path they need to follow through the yard or park. The first kiddo to complete the track wins!

Children Friends Playing Playful Active Concept

Sponge Tag

Escape the summer heat and get soaked with this fun game. Bring out a big bath sponge, a bucket of water and gather the children for a game of tag. The kids all run around like a normal game of tag, but this time the kiddo who is "it" carries a big sponge that is soaked with water.


Now, explain to the kiddos that when they are touching a red or blue space in the park, they are safe. A safe zone is easily found when a Little Tikes swing set is close by. If the children are not touching a safe zone they are fair game. Once a player is tagged, they become the new "it."


There’s no denying who got tagged in this game as the child tagged will have a big wet spot from the water-filled sponge. When the sponge gets dry, just dunk it in the bucket for another soggy round!

Cool Limbo

Put on some island music and do a few limbo movements under the garden hose or sprinkler. Try placing a spray nozzle on the hose so you can shoot a stream of water about four to five feet high letting the children pass underneath. The goal is to run under the water without getting wet. Adjust how high you shoot the water as your game continues.

Or try using a lawn sprinkler and lock the stream at a specific height. Have your kiddos limbo under the stream from one side to another then lower the stream as they go. How low can you go before you get all wet?


These are just a few of many backyard games that you can set up for your family. But don’t limit yourself; feel free to take a favorite game from your childhood and give it a summer upgrade. From here, you can fill the entire summer with a plethora of new games to play together.
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