4 Fun Games to Play on Your Little Tikes Trampoline

Jumping, jumping up so high, kids just want to touch the sky!

It’s no secret that kids love trampolines. But, there’s so much more you can do with a trampoline than just jump. Try these educational and fun trampoline games next time your kids are jumping off the walls and need to burn a little energy.

Copy Cat Moves

Follow the Leader Game

This version of Follow the Leader has a fun trampoline twist! Gather the kids and have them line up just outside the trampoline. Have one child enter the bouncing area and perform a distinct move. The next child in line copies the first player’s move and then adds a new movement. Continue this game with each child repeating the moves and adding new ones as they go. If you can’t complete the sequence – you’re out. The winner is the kiddo who can do all the moves correctly!

Single Dodgeball

No friends able to come over and play today? Have no fear, as this game is a fun one even if your kiddo is playing by themselves. Gather a few foam balls and place them in the middle of the bouncing area. Have your little athlete start jumping and challenge them to dodge a direct hit from the balls that are bouncing all around. Stretch their imagination even further and have your kiddo pretend that they’re in space and escaping asteroids or meteors!

Circle Trivia

Divide your trampoline pad into four sections with chalk or with taped up pieces of paper. For vocabulary practice, draw a letter in each section with chalk. Encourage your little Einstein to jump inside and shout out a word that begins with the letter that’s written in that section. Work around the circle creating new words for each letter. This game can also be played with numbers in place of the letters. Have the kids jump into a section and add up the total from all the sections they land in. For added difficulty, challenge the kids to end at a specific total. Who says learning can’t be fun?

Summer Sponge Fun

Sports Trampoline

Prepare for trampoline fun by filling a large bucket with water. Cut kitchen sponges in half and drop them into the bucket. Hand your kiddo a soaking sponge and have them start jumping on the trampoline. The goal of this game is to toss the sponge back into the bucket from inside the bouncing area. The kiddo with the most “baskets” wins. If you already have a hoop in your Sports Trampoline, use that instead of the bucket. Be sure to keep the sponges nice and wet - they will be easier to toss and keep kiddos cool in the hot summer weather.

So, if you want your kiddos to play outdoors more often, add a Little Tikes Trampoline to your backyard playground. It’s a great way for the children to let loose of excess energy and reap the rewards of exercise and fresh air.