5 Amazing Sports Toys for Preschoolers


Every parent knows that preschoolers have endless amounts of energy. One of the best ways to harness their excess energy is by playing sports. Finding the right sports toys for your tike can be tricky. We put together a list of 5 amazing sports toys to encourage active play and teach them the foundational elements of sports.

1. Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone

Triple the fun for your kids with the Little Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone! Tikes can dunk, kick and strike their way to victory with this awesome 3-in-1 play set. The 3-in-1 Sports Zone is the perfect place to play while practicing the beginning skills kids need for team sports like basketball and soccer. Soccer is a fun-filled way for kids to develop their coordination and lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Bowling is fun for the whole family, and introduces kids to cause and effect as they watch the pins get knocked down. While basketball requires practice, concentration, aim and accuracy; useful skills for almost any sport.

2. TotSports T-Ball Set

Teach your kids the fundamentals of baseball like swinging the bat, tracking the ball, and moving their feet to throw with the TotSports T-Ball Set. This T-Ball set has an adjustable-height stand that makes it perfect for kids of all ages. Try playing with multiple kids to teach them the importance of sharing, how to run the bases, and even catch!

3. TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

Golf teaches kids the importance of patience, concentration, and practice. All three are essential to playing and improving at golf, but are valuable skills to learn for any sport. The TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set introduces kids to golf and teaches them all three of these valuable skills and good sportsmanship. Turn your backyard into a putt-putt course and let your kids play to their heart's content!

4. Fun Zone Splash Face

The Fun Zone Splash Face introduces kids to healthy competition and leaves them happy and soaking wet! Splash Face rewards players who learn the power of leverage and use it to splash the other player. Tug of war encourages players to play smart, so kids of all ages and sizes can win!

5. 3-ft Trampoline

Does your tike love bouncing and jumping? Get them the Little Tikes Easy Store 3-ft Trampoline and watch them leap for joy! Balance and coordination work both sides of kids' brains so a trampoline is the perfect activity! Trampolines also help kids develop their spatial awareness, which is crucial in sports like gymnastics, basketball, and even diving! No matter what sport your tike loves, a trampoline is a surefire way to help them improve.

Sports offer huge physical, mental and educational benefits for kids, while teaching foundational skills (like teamwork and practice) that they'll use throughout life. To keep your kids active and learning year-round, check out these great Little Tikes Sports Toys.