Blast from the Past: The Best Retro Toys to Share With Your Kids

There’s nothing like finding a box of your old toys at your parents’ house to send you down memory lane - the tiny Polly Pocket houses, hundreds of colorful Lego pieces, an old recorder from elementary school. In comparison, your kids now play educational games on their tablet and have tea time with their interactive, talking doll.

As you raise kids, you’ll likely find yourself feeling a bit of nostalgia for the simpler, hands-on games you played in your childhood. Fortunately, you can share your favorite childhood toys with your kids - albeit, with a few updates! Here are some of the best retro toys from your childhood that your kids will also love.

Building Blocks

Do you remember your old block or Lego sets? At the very least, you likely remember the pain of stepping on a rouge Lego piece laying around after playtime. Despite the occasional foot injuries, building with blocks was an exciting, creative activity to stimulate your imagination.

Today, your child can experience the same hands-on creativity without having to avoid misplaced pieces. Waffle Blocks will get your kids crafting building just like you did in the past. Your kid will love the hands-on aspect that building blocks allow for - and they’ll have fun knocking down their creation at the end of playtime!

House Role Play

There was nothing quite like playing house when you were young, whether you played in a tiny home sized for your Polly Pockets or a massive doll mansion that was the talk of your neighborhood. No matter your chosen dollhouse, your imagination was free to run wild creating the stories and drama unfolding in the playhouse.


Give your kids the same backdrop to craft their own stories with Tike’s Place, an updated version of the dollhouses of your youth.  The set comes with furniture, four family members, and authentic sound effects to help immerse your kids in imaginative play.

Play Kitchens

One of the best things to watch when you were young was your mom or dad chopping, stirring, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. With some toys and a bit of imagination, you were able to emulate their baking prowess, proudly serving up a cake fresh out of the Easy Bake Oven or a plate full of plastic food that your parents gamely ‘ate’.

Your kids can also become a master chef without making a mess in your kitchen. They’ll love working in interactive play kitchens that allow them to cook, bake, and grill to their heart’s content, with no added stress for you!

Making Music

Even though your parents may have gotten fed up with the banging of drums and tapping of xylophones, making music with your toys was likely a highlight of your childhood. Spread the joy of music to your kids with retro drums, keyboards, and xylophones and let them create their next masterpiece. Pro tip: a pair of earplugs may help to tone down your kid’s hundredth xylophonic symphony.


Indulge in your nostalgia - your kids will love playing with and learning from these retro toys! Browse Little Tikes for more hands-on, imaginative play toys for your kids.