Fit & Fun: A Guide to Building Healthy Habits in Kids

The importance of eating right and staying active for kids can’t be overstated, but getting your tike to develop and stick with health habits can be challenging.  Researchers at the American Heart Association have shown that maintaining a healthy body weight and lifestyle is harder for kids than ever.  Luckily, we’ve got a few proactive steps to help your kids build and maintain healthy habits!

1) A New Guide to Healthy Eating

The USDA introduced the Food Pyramid in 1992, ushering in a new age of health consciousness in America.  Food was divided into six categories which kids were encouraged to eat appropriate amounts from each day.

Today, the Food Pyramid remains largely the same at its core, but it has undergone some changes. Introduced in 2011, MyPlate helps kids monitor their daily calorie intake.  With MyPlate’s handy Checklist Calculator, kids can get feedback tuned to their individual lifestyle!  By regulating the type and amount of calories your tike consumes, you can ensure they’re fueled and ready to take on the day’s challenges!

2) The Importance of Daily Exercise

Whether it’s traditional sports, imaginative play,  active-play, or even playing with interactive games and toys, finding ways to infuse regular exercise in your tike’s day can be implemented without feeling like hard work. Getting your tike exercising 30 minutes a day is invaluable to helping them build a healthier future.

Experts recommend introducing kids to a wide variety of physical activities and sports.  Groups like Global Sports Mentoring, Play 60, and more can help introduce your tike to new activities in a constructive, positive way.  With a little bit of structure and persistence, your tike is sure to find something they’ll love.

3) Lending a Helping Hand

One of the best ways to get your tikes to adopt healthy eating habits themselves is to invite them to partake in the preparation.  By not only feeding kids healthy meals and snacks, but also teaching them how to do it themselves, you can inspire confidence while also teaching life skills.

4) Building Routines

Whether it’s a steady bedtime, dedicated homework time, or even special lunches, you can help your kids build healthy habits by establishing patterns and setting boundaries.  Young minds crave structure, and it’s up to parents, teacher, coaches, and more to help set them.  Try getting your tike into routines in their school and home lives and watch as their healthiness and happiness soars!


With all these healthy habits in place, your tike is on their way to success!