Fun Idea: Host a Family Drive In Movie Night

Spending time together as a family is crucial for building self-esteem and character in our children. Matter of fact, when asked what kids want most, the number one response, is that they would like to spend more quality time with their parents. Quality time being any activity you and your child can share together.

But for parents, time is a luxury, which most do not have. Work life seems to trump home life, and if you're not working, something else is distracting you from building the bonds that will last a lifetime. This weekend, let Little Tikes change that with the help of our toys and some creative thinking. Maybe you need some help getting the thinking gears to spin? Or have toys and just not sure what you can do with them? Well, ask no further...

Have you seen the commercials that show a family sprucing up the usual movie night at home? At The Little Tikes Company, we have our own idea on how to make a night in even more magical. Like setting up a drive-in movie in the back yard. All you need are some cute ride-ons, popcorn, and something to watch the movie on. Set the stage like any typical drive-in, snap some pictures, then relax and watch the magic unfold. Your kids will brag to the neighbors and remember the fun for future generations. Perhaps even pass down their coupes to their children someday. It's not unheard of for our products lasting 2 generations...

Maybe it is still cold where you live and going a bit stir crazy, check out Amber's idea from Mommy's Me Time on how she incorporated this fun idea inside the house for a change in routine.

After reading about Amber’s experience, head over to and shop our wide selection of active and imaginative toys that are sure to set the summer up for endless hours of fun!


-The Little Tikes Company™