How Interactive Games and Sports Revolutionize the Way Kids Play

It’s no secret that interactive gaming is fun, but it can also dramatically improve critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. According to the Child Development Institute, by the age of six, the brain is physically ninety percent grown. This means you have a critical window of time to develop mental muscles, so why not make it fun?  Getting your tike moving helps develop their body and mind; here are our top reasons why you should encourage your tike to engage in interactive games and sports.

  • Physical Well-being

What is active play? Active play or outdoor play; is any activity that gets your tike up and moving! Getting their heart rate going and those lungs expanding can be as easy as a quick trip to the park. Take pride knowing the jumping, running, and climbing your tike does ensures they’re physically fit and healthy. The more your tike plays, the more they establish skills that will help them succeed in life.

Studies show when your tike is more physical, they reduce their chances of getting diabetes, high cholesterol, and childhood obesity.

  • Improved Mental skills

If you don’t use it, you lose it. Just like any other muscle on your body, the brain requires challenging exercises to keep it in shape. Encourage your tike to play with interactive games to get those mental muscles active! Memorizing, mental sequencing and critical thinking skills are all important traits to develop in growing brains that are also useful in future learning.

[caption id="attachment_43336" align="alignnone" width="200"] HOP IT! WIN IT! FLIP IT![/caption]

  • Fun, Fun, Fun!

            Plenty of games and toys that can provide a fun interactive learning experience, but finding one that combines physical and mental exercise in a fun way can be challenging. Let us introduce you to Pogo-IT ™!  This new toy combines fun sports with interactive gaming for endless hours of play! Pogo-IT ™! will get your tike moving and practicing their social skills by challenging their friends to become the Pogo-IT ™! champion!

Enjoy these benefits and discover your own with interactive games and sports. We encourage you and your little tike to take the Pogo-IT ™! challenge.

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