Score Big Fun During March Madness

Spring is here, and March Madness is underway. Let your kids join the fun with the Super Slam ‘n Dunk and other Little Tikes basketball toys. Basketball games feature a variety of educational and social benefits and are an excellent way for kids to get active.


HORSE teaches kids spelling, strategy, and creativity while also developing their hand-eye coordination. The goal of HORSE is to make shots that the other players cannot. For each shot players miss, they gain one letter. Players are eliminated once they gain all five letters of HORSE.  Last player standing wins! HORSE teaches strategy and creativity by encouraging players to perform trick shots like “behind-the back layups” or “sky-hooks off the backboard” to make it difficult for their opponents to score. Shooting refines hand-eye coordination and accuracy because players need to be consistent to win.

Around the World

Kids learn geography and sharing when they play Around the World. Players must make tricky shots from around the court in order. First player to make all the shots without missing wins! Kids can practice their geography by naming various shots on the court after cities, states, countries, or continents. When a player scores the other players must wait patiently until the scorer misses their next shot, teaching them patience and sharing. If a player misses a shot (each player gets redo per game if they miss) they have to give the ball to the next player and let them have a chance to score.


Kids will develop their math skills and teamwork when they play Twenty-One. The first player to score 21 points wins. Math plays a big role because players must track their scores and their opponent’s scores, too! There can only be one player on offense at any given time, but multiple defenders are allowed. Defenders must work together to stop their opponent from scoring. Standard versions require two players, but more advanced players can play with more than one player on defense.


Knockout encourages healthy competition, cardio exercise, sharing and collaboration while developing hand-eye coordination. Kids will develop their stamina and endurance as they run across the court chasing rebounds and taking shots. This is a fast-paced game that encourages fun and competitive play while testing kids’ abilities to score and pass under pressure. Knockout requires at least two players to start, but any number of players can join to increase the fun! Collaboration is crucial to Knockout because all players, even though there are no teams, have to pass to each other and keep the shooting order consistent.

Don’t just watch March Madness on TV, bring it to your own backyard with these fun and educational basketball games. For more ways to keep your kids active and learning this month, check out Little Tikes’ selection of active sports toys