The Backyard Item Every Parent Should Teach With This Summer

Sand and water enhances all aspects of playing for your child this summer. From social to physical, kids love running their hands through the sand and splashing about in the water. Making real adventures come to life with that added touch of earth and water. Just to be clear, we can't stress this enough when children are playing with water, they need to be fully supervised. With that said,

Sand and Water play brings together elements of pretend play, sensory play and social play.

Kids can pretend they are at the pond catching the big fish of the day with our Fish ‘n Splash Water Table™ or going on a treasure hunt digging for buried treasure with our new Treasure Hunt Sand & Water Table™. Open ended play with parents or friends can lead to many new adventures right in your own backyard.

Adding sand and water into children’s play patterns help them explore the world around them. Feeling the sand between hands and feet help teach about textures and sensations. Even digging in the sand or pouring water with scoops helps build fine motor skills.Re-enforcing taking turns or watching the squeals of delight when kids get themselves wet on a summer day with one of our water tables is all part of the experience of watching your child grow.

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