Water you waiting for? 5 Great Summer Water Activities!

Temperatures are rising as summer approaches, and that means kids are getting itchy to run, play, and splash in the sun. Try these fun games and activities to turn a hot day into a water filled fun day!

  1. Sight Words

Use the Fun Zone Drop Zone kiddie pool to play Sight Words, a fun word-game where kids retrieve plastic balls with different words written on them. Scatter the balls around the pool and then call out individual words. First player to retrieve the correct ball scores a point. The player who collects the most words wins the game.

  1. Don’t Tip the Bucket

Kids are sure to love this exciting game of cause and effect you can play with the Fun Zone Drop Zone. Players alternate sitting in the Drop Zone’s kiddie pool, beneath the splash bucket. The player in the pool cranks the conveyor belt until a ball falls into the splash bucket. Once a player successfully gets a ball into the splash bucket without tipping it over, they hop out of the pool and the next player’s turn begins. See how full the splash bucket gets before it comes pouring down on someone’s head!

  1. Ball Scramble

Dump the balls from the Drop Zone in the center of the pool and have kids collect as many as they can. Whoever collects the most balls wins! For younger kids, or kids who are a little shy around water, try playing with the Fountain Factory Water Table. You can assign a point value to each ball to amp up the fun.

  1. FISH

Looking for a fun, silly game to play at your local pool? Try FISH! In FISH, players try to copy the actions of the other players in the pool. For example, if a player splashes in the pool for five seconds, then the next player must copy them successfully or receive a letter. This game is perfect for kids just learning how to swim.

  1. Go with the Flow

If your tike loves to tinker, try this fun game using the Fountain Factory Water Table. Players take turns adding one piece of pipe, tube, etc. at a time to the Fountain Factory Water Table. See who can build the longest, wackiest creation where the water still flows!

Give your kids endless hours of water-themed fun this summer. For more ways to keep your kids active and learning year-round, check out these great Fun Zone products.