Cozy Coupe® Sport - Parts

SKU: 631573

Floorboard Black (D) Cow Buttons (E)
Floorboard Black (D) Cow Buttons (E)
SKU: 320030710B
Steering Wheel Fully Assembled (K)
SKU: XAC631573-4
Roof and Wrapping (Q)
SKU: XHW631573-2
Handle With Pins and Knobs: Handle, Handle Pin, Handle Knob, 1/2" Screw, Spring
SKU: XAC631573-3
Front and Rear Pillars: Right/Left Front Pillers (E/D), Right/Left Rear Pillars (C/F)
SKU: XAC631573-22
Hardware Pack: Rear Axle (G), Wireform Right/Left (R/L), Axle Cap Tool, Decal Sheet, White Hubcap (I), Black Center Cap (J), Grill (B),Mirror Right Top/Bottom (N), Mirror Left Top/Bottom (M), Clicker (U), Top Gray Bushing (Z), Bushing (AA), Cow Button (V)
SKU: XHW631573-3